Neteller Poker

Established in 1999, Neteller is among the most popular payment channel for poker enthusiasts everywhere. Even though the service is not available to US players after the recent implementation of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act currently, it is still one of the most widely deployed payment solutions for gaming websites who cater to the rest of the world. Neteller acts as an electronic wallet that acts as a temporary repository of funds for players.

The funds placed in the Neteller wallet can be transferred to other individuals and players can also use their Neteller accounts to receive money from other Neteller account holders. With operations spread across more than 160 countries, customers affirm that is the relative ease and simplicity with which they can manage their funds that makes them keep on coming back to the service for their money transfer needs.

Neteller Poker Sites

Neteller is offered by many prominent poker websites as both payment and withdrawal options. Some of the popular websites which support Neteller are PokerStars Neteller, Cake Poker Neteller and BetFair Neteller Poker. Of the three, only PokerStars and Cake Poker accept American players even though they are still not allowed to make deposits using Neteller. BetFair Poker is not open to American players. Some exciting bonuses are offered on these websites for players who choose to make a deposit using Neteller.

PokerStars Neteller gives away a $50 bonus on sign up. Withdrawals using Neteller are almost instant to the extent of the original deposit made. Any withdrawals which are requested over and above the original deposit normally require 2-48 hours for processing.

Cake Poker Neteller stands out for offering extremely quick processing for withdrawals using Neteller, completing cash outs as fast 3 hours sometimes. However, a minimum withdrawal limit of $50 has been prescribed. They give a deposit bonus of 110% for first time depositors and all new depositing players are automatically entered into a $500 Depositor Freeroll, which as the name suggests is exclusive to depositing Cake Poker users.

BetFair Poker derives its clientele chiefly from European nations. Withdrawals are normally processed within 24 hours, rarely extending to 48 hours. The website offers a $1000 deposit bonus to all its new players.

Poker with Neteller, on the whole, is a hassle-free experience. Players can use the Neteller payment service to make deposits into the gaming website. A large number of websites currently support Neteller. However, most of these websites insist that players use the same e-mail address to sign up at the poker website as was used to sign up for Neteller. Users need to verify and confirm their accounts at Neteller once they have completed the sign-up process. Verifying the accounts is a simple process.

Once players provide their bank account information, Neteller will make a couple of small charges to the account with a related transaction code. Players need to contact their bank and obtain the code. They then have to contact Neteller and inform them of the quantum of deposits made by Neteller and the related codes. Upon successful verification, players can commence playing poker on their favorite websites using Neteller.

Neteller Poker Depositing

While registering a new account with Neteller does not incur any fee, Neteller does levy 3.9% as a processing fee for all deposits made using credit and debit cards. This charge is completely waived off in case the deposits are made directly from the players’ internet banking accounts or from wire transfers. Neteller also permits transfer from one account to the other in what is referred to as ‘peer-to-peer’ transfer. This incurs a fee of 1.9% which will be deducted from the recipient of the funds.

Neteller Poker Confidentiality And Security

Neteller is also considered more secure than giving away sensitive card information to unverified vendors online. They employ cutting edge technology and completely encrypt all data transferred to provide the highest grade of security to their players. Their central processing unit is heavily safeguarded and consistently backed up to ensure data integrity.